Área VIP (23-09-06)

Sábado | 13h-14h | Antena 3


- Beck "Cellphone's Dead" (The Information)
- Cansei de Ser Sexy "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above" (CSS)
- The Whitest Boy Alive "Burning" (Dreams)
- The Rapture "Pieces Of The People We Love" (Pieces of The People We Love)
- Cassius "Eye Water feat. Pharrell Williams" (15 Again)
- Chingy "Pullin' Me Back feat. Tyrese" (Hoodstar)
- Expensive Soul "13 Mulheres" (Alma Cara)
- Jamelia "Something About You" (Cd-Single)
- Saian Supa Crew "Rouge Sang" (Hold Up)
- Switch "A Bit Patchy Re-edit" (12")
- Mark Ronson "Just feat. Alex Greenwald" (Exit Music)
- Sir Scratch "Ilusão" (Cinema)
- Basement Jaxx "Take Me Back To Your House" (Crazy Itch Radio)

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